Gateway Real Estate AG specialises in real estate business, with a focus on the commercial real estate market. We lease high-value office and retail properties throughout Germany. As a company listed on the Börse Stuttgart stock exchange, Gateway connects private and public capital to the real estate sector. The company follows the buy-and-hold strategy and is also a growing portfolio holder. The main focal points of the company are core plus and value-added real estate.

Corporate strategy

The company’s strategy includes the following main points:

  • Acquire, manage and lease a broad portfolio of high-quality investment real estate in Germany
  • Targeted risk diversification through broad and economically viable regional positioning
  • Revitalise and redesign current properties with respect to their changed utilisation profile
  • Realise increases in value
  • Optimise the return on equity as much as possible through active portfolio management and through both external and internal asset and property managers
  • Realise a high and increasing cash flow through investment real estate
  • Financing through banks, public capital markets (bonds and convertible bonds) and assurances