Gateway Real Estate AG brief company profile

Trading data information

Total number of shares 169.8 Mio.
Amount of share capital EUR 169.8 Mio.
Shareholder structure Sandra Ketterer 10,6 %
SN Beteiligungen Holding AG 87,5 %
Freefloat 1,9 %
Applicant quirin bank AG

Company information

Founding date 26 January 2006
Accounting standard IFRS
Financial year Calendar year
Management Board           Manfred Hillenbrand (Chairman), Tobias Meibom
Supervisory Board Norbert Ketterer (Chairman), Thomas Kunze, Ferdinand von Rom

Brief description of the business

Brief description of the operating business GATEWAY REAL ESTATE AG is a real estate company that operates in the asset categories of office, commercial and residential properties. We offer the entire value-add spectrum in the three core areas of Investment, Property Development and Asset Management.
Business areas Office, commercial and residential properties